Corning man heartbroken after his two Great Pyrenees found riddled with bullets

Feb 23, 2016 1:11 PM by Cecile Juliette

“I knew that he'd probably been shot too, because they always stayed together.” John Flourney is heartbroken, after finding his two Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs riddled with bullets. He says of his one and a half year old pup Chloe, “She got away, and ran partway home before she could make it any farther.”

Flournoy says he left his gated home on Kirkwood Road Friday around 4:30 in the afternoon. When he returned, the gate was still locked, but the dogs were missing. “I looked for them until 2:00 in the morning,” he says. Saturday, a bicyclist spotted Chloe near a bridge, less than a mile from home. She was barely alive, after having been shot three times. Flounoy rushed her to VCA Animal Hospital in Redding, where she underwent surgery. The vet told Flourney that the bullets penetrated her lungs, liver, and stomach.

He did not think he’d find 5 year-old Jake alive, and he was right. Sunday, a woman walking her dog spotted Jake in an orchard near the Sacramento River, less than 3 miles from home. Says Flournoy, choking back tears, “A lady called and said she'd found a big white dog dead in her orchard. I was afraid it was him, and it was. He'd been shot ten or 15 times.”

Flournoy contacted the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office, but is not hopeful that the person who shot his dogs will be caught. He does not know if they escaped his yard, or if someone let them out. “They loved everybody. That was their only issue. I don't know why somebody would shoot them.”

Chloe still fights for her life. The veterinarian told Flournoy that the bill has reached $7,000. If you would like to help pay for Chloe’s recovery, call the VCA Asher Animal Hospital at (530) 224-2200.


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