Corning Ice Cream Shop Robbery

May 25, 2011 7:58 PM

" I was scared, they were pointing a gun directly at my head, I couldn't look up or see their eyes, they were wearing masks", said Hermila Oceguera, owner of Daisy's Ice Cream in Corning.
That was the real life terror Hermila Oceguera was forced to endure while having her business, Daisy's Ice Cream on Solano Street in downtown Corning robbed Tuesday afternoon. Two hispanic males entered her shop, pointed guns at her and a customer, and demanded money.
" At first I though it was a lie, someone playing a joke on me, I wouldn't let them tie my hands", explained Oceguera. But oceguera quickly realized this was no joke. The two men tied both her and her customers hands with zip ties. One held a gun on Oceguera's head, while the other quickly grabbed money from the register, and more than 20,000 dollars worth of gold and silver jewelry from display cases. Oceguera still bares the red marks on her wrists from the tight ties as an erie reminder of what she went through. " They took the jewelry and all the money I had in the box, scary, naturally I was really scared", said Oceguera.
The two men ran out the back door and into the alley, while Oceguera ran into the street with her hands tied yelling for help. Despite bravely opening her business back up again just one day after the terrifying experience, she fears she could fall victim the thieves again. " Because the price of gold is so high now, I'm afraid it could happen again", explained Oceguera.
Police say this is the second robbery on a hispanic owned businesses in corning in the last 6 months, they're asking the community to come forward and help put an end to the violence. " We need some help from the community, especially the hispanic community, we don't get a lot of help from them, their reluctant to come forward to law enforcement, but we really could use their help on this", said detective Mel Allison from the Corning Police Department.


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