Corning dog makes full recovery after being shot

Mar 1, 2016 12:02 PM by News Staff

A Corning dog who was shot multiple times and miraculously survived and is now back at home. Vets who treated her said she is expected to make a full recovery.

John Flournoy, Chloe’s owner, described the terrible ordeal of where his beloved dog was shot.

"She had one bullet hit her (on the top of her head) and barely scratch the skin,” he said. “One went through the inside of her left leg right here."

He points to the wounds that still hold bullets too dangerous to remove…

"One hit her here in the ribs, one hit her in the flank."

He said he's grateful to have the one-and-a-half year old Great Pyrenees mix home.

"I was so afraid I wasn't going to have her back."

And to Chloe, the feeling is mutual.

“She likes wagging her tail a lot,” Flournoy said.

The investigation into who shot Chloe and her companion Jake on Feb. 19 is still in its early stages. As Assistant Tehama County Sheriff Phil Johnston explains it's an unusual case.

"It is a violation of county ordinance to have your dogs running at-large," Johnston said.

Some have speculated that Chloe and Jake has escaped their dog pen and were running wild, threatening live stock in Flournoy’s Corning neighborhood.

Whether this is the case may never be answered, Johnston said.

Although he said that seems unlikely, as the ranchers usually fess up right away.

"Most often times most ranchers are pretty good about reporting those types of things," Johnston said.

To complicate the investigation further, Johnston said in this case, five-year-old Jake was shot, then moved and found two days later.

"(The suspect) loading it up and driving it off some 8 miles and dumping it in an orchard," Johnston said. "That’s the odd part of this case, why would they do that? Well, I think they were trying to conceal where it occurred, but I also think they wanted to place it someplace where Mr. Flournoy would find out that they actually shot it."

Meanwhile, the vet bill to save Chloe’s life topped $9,000 dollars.

The community has donated more than $2,000 to help offset the costs. Flournoy plans to sell his entire flock of sheep to cover the rest. But he says it's worth it to have at least one of his beloved dogs home.

According to investigators, animal cruelty is a felony. If someone is caught in this case, that person could face jail, and a fine.


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