Corning Casino Robbery

May 31, 2011 8:17 PM

" He reported he had been quasi kidnapped and attempted to be robbed by three assailants", said Lt. David Greer from the Tehama County Sheriff's Department. That's the story Red Bluff resident Juan Torres told the Tehama County Sheriff's Office after reporting early Sunday morning that he had just escaped from his alleged kidnappers. Torres says he was in the Rolling Hills Casino parking lot when three white men wearing ski masks and bandanas that covered their faces, approached him and asked him to get in their car to look at something. Something Lt. Greer doesn't recommend. " Especially if they're wearing bandanas and a ski mask, I would strongly encourage them not to get in the car", said Greer.
But Torres says he did get in the car. The men reportedly drove him to a nearby orchard, ordered him out of the vehicle, told him to empty his pockets and kneel on the ground. Torres says he was able to run away before he was robbed or injured. He went to the Denny's Restaurant and called for help. This is the second kidnapping and robbery incident that has happened at the Rolling Hills Casino in the last two weeks. The sheriff's office does not believe the two crimes are related, and says anytime you have crowds of people, crime is sure to follow. " Anytime you have a large amount of people you're gonna have the criminal elements as well", explained Greer.


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