Cops corral calf

May 11, 2016 11:08 AM by News Staff

A police chase in Texas had witnesses reaching for their cell phones.

That's because officers were after a loose calf. The chase lasted for nearly two miles. Winding across busy streets in a residential area.

It took several patrol cars and a handful of people to finally corner the runaway. Witnesses say it was a one of a kind sight.

"There’s guys running on foot with lassos,” said Peter McMahon, a witness to the charade. “There's a guy with a horse and a lasso chasing it, too. It was pretty funny."

"We get up closer and I see something white,” said Katie Burr, another witness. “And its head bopping up and down the road and here comes the police kind of catering it along."

After 20 minutes, officers were able to corner the calf and stop it from running away.

Police said it was returned to its owner who lives a few miles outside city limits.


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