Cop Talk

Oct 18, 2010 6:33 PM

"Our goal is to try and build stronger connections between the citizens and the police department and try and make Chico as safe as we possibly can" explained Chair of the Chico Police Community Advisory Board Ryan Patten. That's why officers from the Chico Police Department along with members from the Chico Police Community Advisory Board met today at Augie's Fine Coffee and Tea Cafe for some cop talk, where they made themselves available to the public, in an attempt to hear their concerns regardless of the topic. "We came in this morning with no agenda other then to be here and be available and try to appear approachable so citizens feel comfortable" said Chico Police Chief Mike Maloney.
Chief Maloney hopes that making officers more available to the public will enhance communication and help keep his department more aware of what is going on in the community, and could also have the potential of cutting down on public service calls. "The biggest thing is to share the information and be aware of what the concerns of citizens and the community are" said Maloney.
And members from the community who attended the first session of cop talk appreciate having their voices heard. "I just think that's very encouraging as a growing city that we have access to our police department" said Chico resident Peter Crandall.
Some of today's topics during cop talk included traffic control, the cities financial standing, and the Chico Police Department's current budget status. Chief Maloney hopes to hold cop talk sessions once a month at different coffee shops throughout Chico.


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