Cooler & Unsettled

Jul 6, 2015 10:28 PM by Kris Kuyper

Temperatures have begun to cool down after that crazy heat last week. Look for further cooling this week, along with mountain thunderstorms!

Low pressure off the California coastline is approaching us, and has begun to cool us off. It's broken high pressure down and kicked up a Delta Breeze. As it moves right over us later this week, it will continue to cool us down! Very comfortable (for July) temperatures will come our way this week, and should last through the weekend. I don't see strong high pressure returning for quite a while!

This low is also unstable. The scattered thunderstorms that we've been seeing develop in the mountains will only increase in coverage this week, especially Wednesday and Thursday as the low moves right over us. Fortunately, these storms should contain plenty of rain... that should help minimize any fire starts due to the lightning.

Long range models are keeping us relatively mild, even into next week. It looks like we're getting a bit of a break (for now) from the very hot weather!


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