Convicted killer to get change of venue hearing

Mar 30, 2016 11:05 AM by News Staff

It is a big day in court for the former Chico State football player sitting on death row in San Quentin for the brutal 1987 murders of a Chico couple.

Steven Crittenden's change of venue hearing is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Back in October, the ninth circuit court of appeals court sided with Crittenden, who is African American, stating he did not get a fair trial when he was convicted of murdering and torturing Dr. William Chiapella and his wife Katherine in their Chico home, paving the way for a new trial.

This is action news now video from our original coverage of the case.

The appeals court said Butte County prosecutors were racially motivated when they rejected the only prospective African American juror.

Prosecutors said the juror was dismissed because he objected to the death penalty and not because of race.


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