Controversy Over Corning School Suspension

Mar 8, 2012 9:10 PM

"If this were any other child other than a board member's child, it would be handled in the exact same way," Lauren asks. Reimer says, "Correct."

Corning Union Elementary School District Superintendent Catherine Reimer is upset, after her district is accused of a 'cover up' for a board member's child who brought pot brownies to school. In early February, the eighth grader brought marijuana brownies and shared them with a few students. When school officials learned of the drugs on campus, they interviewed all of the students involved. The one who brought marijuana, Laura Crane's son, was suspended for five days. But some parents at Maywood Middle School say, he received preferential treatment.

Concerned parents say, "I think he should be expelled." "More than just a suspension, I think maybe they should be expelled."

The parents were even more upset to find out the police weren't involved in the incident. But despite what some might think, police say, they did nothing wrong.

Corning Police Department Sgt. Ralph Schmidt says, "They handled it the way they handle every other student. Sometimes they request police action, sometimes they don't. It depends on the parent, depends on the severity of what's going on."

Maywood Middle School Principal, David Cory. "Our policy is to make sure we're following education code and being fair and consistent with all students."

In a press release issued Thursday, the school district states that since the 2003-2004 school year, there have been seven marijuana-related incidents on district campuses. All seven first offender students were suspended for five days. Despite what parents think in this situation, Reimer says, expulsion is optional. "A district may expel a student who brings a controlled substance onto a school campus," she says.

Reimer says this incident has become more controversial than any other the district has experience, because other north state media outlets inaccurately reported the situation.


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