Controlled burn spreads in Magalia

May 13, 2014 6:06 PM

It didn't take long.

Just one day after local fire officials declared an early start to this year's fire season, nearly an acre of vegetation went go up in smoke and burned to the ground.

It happened on Humbug Road in Magalia on Tuesday at around 9 a.m.. That's where fire fighters say the owner of the property accidentally set the fire during a non-permitted controlled burn.

“If he had a permit he wouldn’t have been able to burn in the conditions of the permits either,” said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Harter. “He didn’t have clearance around the piles and it is a gusty windy day up on that hill where he was burning.”

This year's drought has left conditions very dangerous causing this fire to spread very quickly. And that's why fire officials are adamant about burning only when it’s allowed.

“The fuels are very, very dry right now,” Harter said. “People need to be very careful about that.”

Officials added that a purposed burn ban will start a month earlier this summer on June 1 due to this season's dangerous fire conditions.


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