Conservation group receives grant

May 28, 2014 12:15 AM

The local chapter of the California Native Plant Society applied for a $4,000 grant to help eliminate invasive species in Chico. They we're ecstatic when they found out they got it. The group works with the parks department to clean up public land and take out invasive species that are choking out the native plants in the area.

One of biggest expenses in the plant removal process is disposal of the plants. With the cutbacks to the city's budget, they're limited in the amount of projects they could do. But now with the help of the “Think Green” grant from Waste Management, more can be done. "A lot of projects that I’ve wanted to do but we just couldn't financially pay for the bins. We can propose them and have the park department approve them and go out and actually do a lot of on the ground work," explained Susan Mason, Invasive Plant Chair for the Mount Lassen chapter of the California Native Plant Society.

Some of the areas the group has been working on are Bidwell Park, Little Chico Creek, and Lindo Channel. Privet trees and Himalayan blackberries are some of the invasive species the group is trying to fight. They’re always looking for volunteers. If you'd like to help, you can contact them through Bidwell Park volunteer calendar on the city of Chico website. Click here to get to that page.


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