Conservation corps put recycled Christmas trees to good use

Jan 22, 2016 3:38 PM by David McVicker

And after the twelfth day of Christmas, with no place for debris. The conservation corps turned old trees into a reef.

A dozen members from the California Conservation Corps’ Chico organization spent the morning turning used mementos of holiday spirit into new sources of shelter and life.

Over several weeks, the corps members will place some 1200 Christmas trees onto the shores of Lake Oroville at the Bidwell Marina boat launch. Trees have a hole drilled in each, and a guy wire is run through each hole and secured to a post in the ground.

Organizers said that the trees are covered by water. Their plan is that the reef will provide habitat for black bass and other fish. When not under water, they provide cover for smaller animals and birds. Organizers also said the trees could last up to 10-15 years before they biodegrade and fall apart.

The trees were collected by Chico Boy Scout Troop 2 and the project is a collaboration between the boy scouts, Recology, the California Department of Water Resources and the conservation corps. Butte County corps members have been doing this work after Christmas for about 20 years.


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