Congressman Doug La Malfa reflects on possible republican presidential candidates

May 5, 2016 12:23 PM by News Staff

We spoke with north state congressman Doug La Malfa about Donald Trump and the state of the Republican Party moving forward.

While trump was not his first choice for the republican presidential nomination, he said, the voters have spoken, and he respects the process.

The republican congressman says that it's important to remember that ... as president ... trump would still have to work with congress, so he will have to be cooperative.

"It's a binary choice, we will get trump or Clinton, as it looks like the democratic nominee will be Hillary Clinton,” La Malfa said. “Those are the choices, one or two. People who say ‘Oh, I am going to vote for a third-party candidate or this or that, you’re not going to get that choice. It might make you feel good as a protest. But, for people who lean conservative or lean republican, to vote anything other than the republican you will be guaranteeing the platform of Hilary Clinton."

Trump did announce yesterday, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and former presidential candidate Ben Carson could be on his short list for cabinet members.

Meanwhile La Malfa went on to say that the voter's choice of Trump is reflective of societal values. He also said his first choice early-on in the presidential nomination process was Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.


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