Confusion Continues for Covered California

Jan 7, 2014 6:09 PM

A North State insurance agent says there is still "mass confusion" regarding the state's health exchange.

John Sweeney said the most recent confusion lies in the fact that Covered California and state carriers, like Blue Shield, have completely different systems. So that makes aligning everything, and signing people up very difficult.

Most recently, the state exchange extended payments for premiums until January 15th. That's also the date you need to enroll by for coverage to start the first of February. Local insurance agent John Sweeney said a lot of people have not received invoices for those payments due to application confusion between Covered California and the carrier.

This has obviously created a lot of scrambling on the part of his company, his clients, and insurance carriers.

Sweeney said the extended deadline may not be extended far enough.

“So the chances are that a client could go to the doctor, pharmacist, pick up a prescription, or go to a doctor and they're not going to have an id card,” Sweeney said. “So basically they're going to have to pay and get reimbursed with a carrier when they get an id card. So that's going to be a significant problem, we believe, with a lot of clients.”

For health insurance services alone, Sweeney and Sweeney serves 500 individuals and 175 local businesses.


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