Concow man wants answer in livestock slaying

Apr 13, 2016 11:36 AM by News Staff

A pack of dogs leaves carnage in their wake after attacking live stock at a Butte County ranch.

Now, a Concow resident wants get to the bottom of who's responsible.

Pete Moak is a retired farmer who keeps about 37 goats on his property. Early this morning, he and his wife awoke to terrible screams from his animals.

“I came out and the first thing I found was my goats in the pen dead with their throats ripped out,” Moak said.

A pack of dogs had entered his 40-acre property to hunt and killed approximately 10 goats, adults and babies.

This was a terrible loss for moak, five years of work and thousands of dollars as well as saying goodbye to animals he loves as his own pets.

“There’s at least four to five dogs that did this,” Moak said. “This was more than one or two dogs could do. They did this for fun, for sport. They chase something and it runs, and it screams and they love it, and they tear it to pieces.”

This was a terrible loss for Moak. Five years of work, thousands of dollars and having to say goodbye to animals he loved as his pets.

“They love to come and jump on my lap,” Moak said. “They love being held.”

Moak’s goats are not only his pets, they are also essential for fire protection.

“They eat the leaves from the group to as high as they can reach,” he said. “That’s called the ladder fuel. When the goats eat that up, a fire then can no longer leave the ground.”

Moak has no idea who the owners of the dogs are, but thinks that it could be dogs of multiple neighbors.

The sheriff’s department didn’t say anything,” Moak said. “There’s nothing they can do anyway because there is no proof.

Now, Moak has to lock his goats up every night and tells us he's thinking of taking justice into his own hands.

“(Next time) I will be prepared for this,” he said. “Any dogs sets foot on my property, I will kill it.”\

Moak hopes that by sharing his story people will do a better job of controlling their dogs and other farmers will be warned of the dangers.


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