Concern over walnut prices as China relies on own crop

Jan 7, 2015 6:57 PM by Brian Johnson

China, one of the top importers of California walnuts, now appears to be relying on their own supply after they produced a large crop of their own in 2014.

A December California Walnut Board report reveals a more than 60% decrease in walnut shipments to Hong Kong from November 2013 to November 2014.

The news is raising concerns among walnut farmers in Butte County, where walnuts are the highest valued crop.

Local independent buyer Jon Wallander says he's received calls from some of his growers, but tells them this is not unusual in a market that acts cyclical.

"[China] is going to have a hard time supplying for their own people, so they're going to have to buy from other counties like the U.S.," said Wallander. "And the Chinese really like the California product because they know the quality the California farmers put into them. So they'll come back and the price will start to come back up again."

Through e-mail, the California Walnut Commission tells Action News Now, "Global demand for walnuts remains strong."


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