Computer for Classrooms Helps Low Income Families

Jul 7, 2010 6:41 PM

"It's very good technology, and we are dedicated to putting that in the hands of the people that need to use it" said Pat Furr, founder of Computers for Classrooms. She speaks proudly of her non-profit organization which was founded in 1991. She has worked diligently to ensure that children is schools have access to computers. But now she is taking it one step further. Computers for Classrooms is now providing low cost computers for low income families.
"There's a huge need for families to be able to have access to computers" Furr explained. In an effort to assist families who would otherwise be unable to afford a computer, Computers for Classrooms sells some for as low as ninety dollars. " As a non-profit, we're not interested in making money, but keeping the prices as low as we can and still pay our bills" Furr stated.
In order to qualify for a low cost computer, you must provide proof that you are in need of some form of government assistance. Along with the gently used hardware, Computers for Classrooms provides a one year guarantee on all items sold. " I want to give people the good experience and lear job skills and so forth that they're gonna need in the future" Furr explained.
Pat says that providing equal access to technology is her main goal, and as long as folks in the north state need her assistance, she'll continue to give it. " The greatest think I can give is my time and I've given a great deal of time to this because I believe in it" Furr said.


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