Company tests Emergency Management System at Chico school

Sep 19, 2014 12:04 PM

Catapult EMS K12 was on the Chico Junior High Campus to test out a new software designed to aide schools in emergency situations.

"It has a reporting feature for the general public and for teachers to report an incident into a central command center, people on the school site." says Jason Jeffery from Catapult.

When an emergency happens an alert is sent out to teachers and staff. Depending on the situation, the system is broken down into levels.

"A code yellow scenario will create some middle ground inside of the school where we can alert everybody on campus about a possible incident without actually stopping the school day."

If the situation on campus calls for a lockdown, the school then alerts staff again.

"The next phase is going to a code red. The code red then goes into a school lockdown scenario." adds Jeffery.

On this system teachers are interactive so they know what is going on outside of the classroom during a lockdown situation.

"They go to email, Ipad, or their cell phones and get details about scenario. After they see that scenario they are able to log into the system and account for students real time."

Jason Jeffery says the point is to make everyone aware as soon as possible on and off campus.

Principal Pedro Caldera says this system could be crucial if tragedy were to strike.

"The drill today went extremely well and we were able to identify more than 70% of where students locations where."

He tells us it will allow them to notify parents where exactly their children are as quickly as possible. The emergency management system is designed to manage any type of emergency situation on K-12 campuses.


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