Community Support Rises From The Ashes

Apr 12, 2013 7:55 PM

It's now been more than a week since flames ripped through the home of the Williams family, responsible for operating Max's Miracle Ranch in Gridley. But eight days later the family isn't bitter about their loss, they're appreciative of the response of the community around them. Steve Williams told Action News "it was an overwhelming response to the amount of support that everyone was just reaching out for us, trying to give us whatever we need." Molly Williams added "one of our childs teachers is driving our kids to school for us in the morning. A really good friend of mine is collecting all this stuff, and storing it for us."

That friend is Tami Alexander. She's overseen the campaign to collect and store items for the family, and the support she's seen has been inspiring. "Want to do anything from A to Z. Whatever they need, however they need help. People are just being so helpful." Molly says that help is going a long way. "It's just taken so much pressure off of us, and allowed us to deal with the stuff we have to deal with to pull our lives back together."

It isn't just friends and acquaintances stepping up to help. At least one local business, Pizza Round-Up, is also doing it's part to support the family. "On Tuesday, April 16th, all of our proceeds from that day, we're gonna take a percentage of that, and donate it strait to the Williams family," according to Restaurant Manager Olivia Cook. There will also be a silent auction, and raffle with proceeds going to the family at the event.

Now, the Williams just want everyone to know how much they appreciate what's been done for them. Steve told our crews "I just can't say thank you enough to everyone that's tried to help us out, and brought light to a really dark situation." Molly added "I'm so thankful to everybody. Even though I haven't been able to thank everybody individually, just so everyone knows how much this means to us."


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