Community Summit Draws Hundreds to Chico State

Feb 22, 2013 8:19 PM

It started out just like many meetings of the past, with Chico State President Paul Zingg, and Chico Mayor Mary Goloff addressing the crowd. The pair spoke of some of the issues that plague the community, but soon after, the Community Action Summit transformed from a speech, to a discussion. "There is a developing sense of commitment among participants to really commit, to really act on these conversations, and the strategies that are taking place right now," according to Paul Zingg.

Following Zingg's presentation, members of the crowd were asked to converge to the center of the room, and write down the topics that concern them the most. A practice Chico State Senior Kirsten Foster was excited to join. "I love it. I think the way it is organized is just fabulous. Being able to talk about what you're passionate about is so important."

After participants wrote down their concerns, they were encouraged to post them on the auditorium wall, so attendees could break up into groups, and discuss the topics they care about. Chico State Senior Drew Creeks told our crews "there's been a need, and desire for communication both from the university, and the greater community, and that's what I'm seeing here."

The event was so successful that organizers are already planning another forum specifically for students, some time in the near future.


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