Community Steps Up to Help Max's Miracle Ranch

Apr 5, 2013 7:50 PM

Over the year's action news has done dozen's of stories on the tremendous contributions the Williams family has made to families of sick children through max's miracle ranch.
It appears the community is ready to step up and return that generosity following yesterday's devastating fire.

Even as firefighters were fighting the fire at max's miracle ranch Thursday afternoon, family friends, Tami Alexander and Libby Tolman, were already organizing efforts to gather the essentials for the Williams family who lost everything in the fire.

"I just sent an email out on Facebook to all of our friends and it took off from there," Lobby Tolman said.

Alexander and Tolman were not alone.
Steve Williams says he and his wife had taken their kids for a trip to Vallejo when they got the call and says by the time they returned there was already a group of supporters waiting.

"We had people coming from an hour away to come here during the fire and supporting us and to help us get through that really difficult time,” Steve Williams said.
"Right now we are trying to make it as easy as possible when they get this stuff," Tami Alexander said.

Steve and his wife Molly say they are grateful for the community support.
They also say they realize that the fire could have been much worse if they had been at home with their eight children at the time of the fire.

"If it had happened in the middle of the night when we were asleep it could have been a different story," Williams said.

While the Williams family is working to sort through the pieces and looking for a temporary home, Steve says he hasn't been able to wrap his mind around the rebuilding process.

"I'm still kind of hung up on photos that are irreplaceable, videos, things of our kids and our childhood that are gone, never be seen again," Williams said.

Friends have set up a Facebook page to coordinate support for the Williams family and established an account at Butte Federal Credit Union in "Molly Williams” name.


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