Community reacts to video of police altercation

Aug 27, 2014 8:05 PM by Jason Atcho

Video surfaced Tuesday of a Butte County sheriff's deputy kicking a man, in what appears to be, the head. Law enforcement is now saying after further analysis, the man was kicked in the shoulder so that the deputy could make the arrest safely.

Irma Jordan, president of the Butte County chapter of the NAACP, was sitting down yesterday afternoon when she received a call from Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea regarding the officer involved altercation in South Oroville. "When I got the call, I was a little bit... not shocked but I felt like 'Wow, this is great. The sheriff is reaching out to us and letting us know what's going on before we call them to say we heard something went down over here on south side'. That made me feel like 'wow, we stand a chance at never having to be a Ferguson," said Jordan.

Law enforcement recognized that a fight occurred Tuesday morning and after further investigation they say the man was kicked in the shoulder because it was the safest way to get the suspect down and make the arrest. Joseph Profit, Jr. has known the suspect, Terry Wilson, for 40 years. He says he heard about the incident and thought the force was excessive. "To me, I was raised that you don't kick a dog. The guy is squatted and he's pretty much defenseless. I feel like when you're in a squatted position, there's no need for a guy that's supposed to be a professional officer to kick anyone," said Profit.

Profit says this is an example of what he deals with when he interacts with law enforcement. "It goes to show the character of a lot of the officer that we have on the streets that are supposed to be protecting us. It's not all of them but some of them. You can't blame the whole force," explains Profit.

Even with recent efforts to build a relationship between the community and police, Profit says there is still work to be done. "The police come through here and people are scared. They duck their heads or they run out of fear more than anything."

Regardless of their opinions, many in the black community know that protests or violence are not welcome in their community. "There's enough going on now with African Americans and police officers across the united states. We sure don't want nothing like that here in the south side or around us because this is our home. I love Oroville. I love Butte County," said Profit. Jordan added "there's no reason. So I would like to say to these people, drop it. There's no reason for that. We have some really good people in place. They are doing their job. If we were to protest, what would we be asking for? They are doing everything that we could possibly ask for."

Jordan said that she has confidence in the leaders at the sheriff and district attorney's office. She's not making any judgments until the investigation is complete.


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