Community Policing efforts bring big drop in crime in Central Chico

Apr 5, 2016 10:02 PM by Debbie Cobb

Great news to report from a meeting in central Chico Tuesday. Community policing is working. About 40 people attended the Community Safety Meeting in at the CARD Center.

Chico Police Chief Mike O'brien attended the meeting, along with community members and business leaders living and working in the area of Vallombrosa, Mangrove, and Palmetto Avenues and Lower Bidwell Park.

The big news to come out of the meeting is that crime in January, February and March of this year went down 24% in this area compared to the same quarter last year.

Chief O'brien says the decrease in crime is the result of efforts made by police officers, business owners and residents, along with new ordinances passed by the Chico City Council.

The chief says Tuesday's meeting was more than an opportunity to share the good news, but talk about what can be done in the future.

O'brien says removing the Recycling Center at the Safeway complex on Mangrove was a significant factor in reducing issues and problems in the area. The chief says he is thrilled with everyone's collaborative work and hopes to incorporate similar community policing efforts in other areas of the city, as well.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 5 at the old municipal center.


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