Community members play 'principal for a day'

Mar 20, 2014 7:17 PM

Central Valley High School Principal Ryan Johnson starts his work day off just like the rest of us, with a cup of coffee and a quick look at what's happening around the office.

"You do spend a lot of the time at the school. It's basically your primary residence," Principal Johnson said.

Central Valley was one of the schools participating in Shasta County's annual 'Principal For A Day' event.

His job comes with its challenges--Principal Johnson prides himself on knowing the names of nearly all of his 750 students.

"As a principal, I make it a very big priority to talk to my students as much as I can to get to know them and to understand them and their aspirations and what they want to do," Principal Johnson said.

Taking this knowledge, Principal Johnson has a personal goal to help his students succeed in pursuing higher education after graduating.

"No matter what the focus is, whether its academic courses or if it's career tech education courses, the goal is to teach those skills at a high level than what we've been doing in the past," he said.

While some of the students aren't quite sure what Principle Johnson does on a daily basis, they agree that he's doing a good job.

"I assume he just goes around, does some paperwork, makes sure to get us in check," said senior Sean Williams.

"He gets involved with the classes. He walks around a lot and visits classes, I think that's cool," said freshman Rachel Veenstra.

The students say that they would be open to pursuing a career in education.

To that, Principal Johnson has some sound advice: "I would say, just expect the unexpected."


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