Community comes together to party for a cause

Jan 3, 2016 12:35 PM by News Staff

The creeks that run through Chico help give the city its identity. However, over the years the creeks have become littered with trash from illegal dumping and transient camps.

For many people, the New Year is a chance to clean up some of their personal habits. But, for a group of volunteers with the butte environmental council, the New Year means a chance to help clean up one of Chico’s most prized possessions, its waterways.

Saturday morning saw volunteers helping clear the trash out of big Chico creek next to Nord.

The cleanup is a part of the environmental council's block parties with a purpose.

“The way it’s going now is we identify an area that seems very impacted with trash, we contact the members in the area, we'll provide the tools the equipment we'll get it clean.”

The block parties happen the first Saturday of every month and rotate through three creeks, the Lindo channel, big Chico creek and little Chico creek.

The block party’s aim is to help promote cleaner waterways.

So people can visit, it's a nice place but also the health of the eco-system as well.

For volunteers like Greg DeMeyer, the chance to clean the creeks is an important chance to give back to the community.

“Our water ways are vital to the community,” he said. And i think if we can make a little bit of a difference it's pretty huge.

Many of the creeks in the area are filled with trash from people who camp out in them for long periods of time. A difficulty which Jensen believes needs to be addressed.

“Until we can address that problem and prevent these people from leaving trash behind, we still have a responsibility to the health of the creek itself.”

The block parties will continue until June 4th and will be open to anyone interested.

For more information, visit the council's website at


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