Commercial flights prepare to depart from Chico Airport

Nov 25, 2014 8:36 PM

After December 2nd there will be no commercial flights flying in or out of Chico. Some people are grabbing flights while they can this week to make it out for Thanksgiving.

"I am going from here to SFO and then straight to Boston for Thanksgiving week." says Donna Posar.

Some even making arraignments so they could come back to chico on some of Skywest's last flights next week.

"I am coming back next Monday because I had to in order to get in before the Airport closed on Tuesday." added Posar.

In August Skywest, the only commercial airline at the Chico Airport, announced it would discontinue service in December because the service was no longer profitable. The decision will leave all of Butte County without a commercial airline.

"Actually a little sad because I was thinking how convenient because I could fly in and out of Chico for now on instead of going else where." says traveler Judith Kirkwood.

"I am very disappointed we have been traveling in and out of this airport for years and years and it is so convenient and particularly on the back end of your trip when you only have a ten minute flight back to home." says Posar.

Another option that people are picking up on are airport shuttles, to take them to other regional airports.

"A lot of people have been calling asking about our services and what we have to offer to and from Sacramento and as well as SFO and Oakland."

North Valley Shuttle already makes three trips a day Monday through Friday. Owner Marty Griffin says the number of shuttles may increase to keep up with demand.

"We have people asking will we increase our services and offer different times and that is something that we are looking into currently."

City officials are now conducting a study to better determine the needs and patterns of airport passengers in Chico.

"People in the community would love to see it still stay open." says Posar.


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