Commercial air service comes to an end at the Chico Airport

Dec 2, 2014 8:30 PM

SkyWest has officially departed from the airport for the very last time. After a decade of service SkyWest's daily flights to San Francisco have ended for good. TSA employees will soon be departing from the airport as well.

"TSA has treated their employees very well through this process and they have been offered positions throughout the entire United States." says Chico City Manager Mark Orme.

Following SkyWest's announcement to discontinue service in August the Chico Chamber of Commerce has been working to prepare for the changes.

"When we learned Chico was losing SkyWest we were sort of ready with a plan of action." says Chamber of Commerce President Katie Simmons.

Simmons has been in talks with other cities in the same situation to find out strategies in attracting a new service.

A couple of weeks ago they put out a public travel survey designed to find out what business and the public travel patterns are in the area.

"We really need to understand what is feasible for Chico for commercial air service, should we be aggressively looking at attracting another airline and if we do can we sustain that airline. " says Simmons.

When the survey closes the Chamber of Commerce will be presenting the data to Chico City Council and the Airport Commission.

"To have that data to give to those groups we need the community to participate in the survey."

The travel survey is scheduled to close later this month. You can take the survey on the Chico Chamber of Commerce web site.


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