Comic Book BlockBuster's Boost Business For Local Stores

May 2, 2013 8:09 PM

For comic book buffs, and movie fans, it's one of the most anticipated weekends of the year. Iron Man 3 hits theaters Thursday night, and for some, like Josh McGee, being first in line becomes a competition. "We drove by yesterday at 11, just to see if anyone showed up a day before." McGee and his friends had planned on camping out, but since there was no line, he decided to get a good nights sleep, and return at 7am Thursday.

Fans we spoke with say, while the movie is the big draw, the line is also an event they wouldn't wan to miss. "Just hanging out, crashing all day with the buds, and whatnot. We get to know a lot more people, because a lot of people come to this, and you see familiar faces, and whatnot," according to film buff Garret Hill. McGee added, "really friendly people. You come out, expect to wait in a long line. Everyone is like a nerd. They know their iron man, and super hero stuff. So, it's kinda fun."

But these popular super hero movies don't just pack theaters. They also draw fans to comic book stores, like Collectors Inc., and Bat Comics in Chico. Bat Comics Owner Trent Walsh told Action News "movies are kind of just the modern story telling of our time. So, a lot of people see movies, and they hopefully see something, they go that looks kind of cool, and they want to get interested in it."

The movies also re-ignite the passion in former comic book fans, like Chico resident Xander Leverett. "I read comic books for a while, and then I stopped two years ago, and then I started picking them up again six months ago." When asked if the movies contributed to his love of comics, he said "yeah, definitely the movies."


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