College Cost on the Rise

Aug 23, 2010 7:06 PM

Both the Chico State and Butte College campuses are packed full today as students begin their fall semester. But, for many this education doesn't come cheap. With rising tuition, some students are weary. "It's definitely high and it's been getting higher" sad Chico State Junior Brianna Robinson.
Tuition for a fulltime student at Chico State is now about 2,800 dollars. That's up about 200 dollars from last year, causing frustration for both students and some parents who foot the bill. "My mom has mentioned, is it 26-hundred this time? It was just this amount, and now it's gone up" Robinson said. Iokai Barich, a sophomore at Chico State also adds that "It shouldn't be so outrageous that when we graduate we're already in debt".
But, students at Butte Community College, who pay 26 dollars per unit say they feel their tuition is fair. "Just knowing some people that go to universities and seeing how much they pay, and their tuition keeps going up. Mine stayed pretty steady and it's pretty fair and a lot more affordable" said Butte College Sophomre Drew Merson. Kim Tracy from Butte College also says "for me, I want to get as many classes for the best price".
Tuition aside, there is one thing all these students can agree on, expensive text books. Each semester students spend hundreds of dollars on required reading for their classes.
Enrolment numbers have also changed in most California Colleges due to budget cuts. Chico State welcomed back 1,000 less students this semester, totaling the campus enrollment to roughly 16,000.


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