Cold Christmas Eve storm

Dec 23, 2015 10:12 PM by Kris Kuyper

We enjoyed quiet weather around the North State on this Christmas Eve-Eve (as my 8 year old puts it), but a cold storm is coming for Christmas Eve. Santa may need Rudolph's glowing red nose tomorrow night!

A not-very-wet-but-cold storm is coming for Christmas Eve from the Gulf of Alaska. It's got plenty of cold air, and that should drop snow levels to around 2000' during the day Thursday, then possibly down to near 1500' by Thursday night! However... this storm lacks significant moisture, and looks similar to the Thanksgiving storm that dropped lots of snow in the high Sierra, but very little in the lower elevations.

The wet weather should begin early Thursday morning. In the Valley, we should see .10" to .20" of rain... no big deal. The snow level should start around 2500' and drop to 2000' by afternoon. On the Ridge, Wagstaff Road is around 2000' to 2100' in elevation, and Bille Road is about 1900' to 2000' in elevation. So, the snow level should drop to around there. It could mix at lower elevations, but it shouldn't stick during the day tomorrow below 2000'. Magalia could pick up 1" to 3" of heavy, wet snow Thursday! The higher elevations (Chester, Lake Tahoe) will see plenty of dry, fluffy snow... the skiing at Tahoe or Mt. Shasta after this storm on Christmas should be fantastic!!

The cold air will really pour in Thursday night, but the storm will have mostly dried up by then. Snow levels should drop to near 1500' by Thursday night, but it should be just a few scattered showers here or there at that point.

The sun will return on Christmas and Saturday, although it will be chilly. Saturday morning should see lows in the 20's in the Valley!

A weaker storm will arrive Sunday night and Monday, but with only a few showers... not very much. Snow levels should be a little bit higher.

Most of next week looks fairly dry... great to enjoy all of the new snow in the mountains!


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