Cold & Windy Conditions Ahead For Your Tuesday

Dec 30, 2014 8:24 AM by Cort Klopping

Mostly sunny, cold, and windy weather are ahead in your Tuesday forecast. Valley winds could have gusts reaching 50mph out of the Northeast, with sustained winds from 15 to 35mph. Winds are also picking up in the mountains, with the Northern Sierra projected to have 15 to 30mph winds out of the Northeast. The Northern Mountains will have sustained winds from 20 to 30mph out of the Northeast, with gusts to 45mph.

Temperatures are not quite as cold as 24 hours ago. Valley locations are starting out in the 37 to 40 degree range, and most mountain areas have dropped into the low to mid 20's. Afternoon high temperatures will be in the high 40's to low 50's for the valley, and high 20's to mid 40's in the mountains. Colder overnight temperatures will be ahead over the next few days, with valley areas dipping back into the high 20's.

Breezy conditions will linger into your New Years Eve forecast, but the winds will not be as strong as today's. Overnight low temperatures will plummet back into the high 20's for the valley over the next couple of days, but will slowly warm into the weekend. High temperatures will slowly climb back into the mid 50's for the end of the week, then high 50's to low 60's by the latter part of the weekend. I hope everyone stays safe outside with with the strong winds, and has a great Tuesday! (Oh, and maybe try not to park under a tree if you're able to avoid it. )


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