Cohasset resident runs out of water

Sep 29, 2014 11:37 AM by Joe Moeller

From the looks of the lush green trees in Cohasset it wouldn't appear that there is a lack of water. It is what the eye can't see below ground that is causing frustrations for people.

"Listening to what is going on I figured sooner or later my number could be coming up." says Cohasset resident Elizabeth Weber. "My well went dry July 4th."

Since Weber's 57 foot well went dry she has been getting water from her neighbors. She now iS trucking water home from Cohasset Elementary. The 500 foot deep well is now available to those in need. Weber says this water makes a world of a difference.

"Helps a whole lot there is other people like me you know we just have to get on with our lives." Says Weber, "We work you know we have laundry, flushing the toilets, and stuff like that."

Weber is one of many who are left without water in the Ccohasset area. The Cohasset Community Association Board President Lisa Vegvary says all of the homes in Cohasset run off wells.

"There are several residents on this hill whose well's have gone dry." says Vegvary. "We are allowing 200 gallons per household each week until the need is no longer an emergency need."

The Cohasset Community Association is taking appointments for those in need of water. Contact Lisa Vegvary at 899-9823.


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