Coffee shop defends right to publicly post photos of unwelcome patrons

Jan 27, 2015 9:26 PM by Vanessa Vasconcelos

A local coffee shop is sparking debate on social media for posting what some are calling a "wall of shame" with pictures of people who have caused trouble in and outside of their store.

A Facebook campaign to boycott that local coffee shop is proving to be counter productive.
"Has Beans" is defending their right to share with the public who "isn't" welcome in their café. Cafe employees off camera say they want to make sure it's known this is not a homeless or transient issue. These people in the poster have been threatening towards store employees and customers.

Facebook user Guillermo Mash who runs the "Without a Home" tumblr, started the call to boycott Has Beans. He denied a request for an interview and says his only comments are on his page saying this isn't an "Us vs. Them" situation. He only requests the poster to be taken out of public view, asking the establishment to find a private way to share a list of unwelcome patrons.

Has Beans wants to make it clear the reasoning behind the poster isn't to publicly shame anyone. They say safety for both customers and employees is top priority.


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