Cockatoo Needs New Beak

Feb 23, 2011 8:15 PM

" I don't care about the appearance." Said Magalia Resident Michelle DiGiornao. When DiGiordan first started looking to buy a cockatoo, all she wanted was a loving pet. She had no idea she would be giving the bird a second chance at life. But when she first met Sweetheart, and saw the birds condition she had no choice but to take her home. " I was horrified, angry, I wanted to find out who did it because I believe they belong in jail" said DiGiordano.
Sweetheart's missing the upper part of her beak, something her original owner never mentioned in the add that was posted in a local paper. When she arrived to look at Sweetheart she was appalled. The bird was kept in a shed out back with no lighting and heat. DiGiordano also believes the man she bought Sweetheart from tore the birds beak off as punishment for being too loud. " He's not returning any of my phone calls, and I don't understand why he would have put her in a shed with no light" DiGiordano explained.
DiGiordano has taken Sweetheart to a specialist at U.C. Davis who says the bird may now be in need of a prosthetic beak in order to live a normal and healthy life. " I have to blend everything up in a blender that she has to eat and to be the consistency of like mashed potatoes and oatmeal or else she can't eat" said DiGiordano.
Despite Sweethearts lack of a beak and traumatic past, the bird is still loving and full of life. " She's got great spirits for everything that's happened to her" said DiGiordan. Karen Olson who works at Skyway Feed And Pet in Paradise added " She's incredible, she's an amazing bird, she's very responsive, she's loving".
DiGiordano needs to raise about two two thousand dollars for the prosthetic beak. If you would like to donate to the cause, accounts have been set up at the Wells Fargo Bank in Paradise and the Skyway Feed And Pet supply in Paradise.


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