Club Live Removes Alcohol Signs

Jun 17, 2010 7:19 PM

You won't be bombarded with beer ads or clever gimmicks convincing you drinking is cool at Collins and Denny Market in Oroville, instead a different message is being displayed. " That kids at school stop acting like drinking alcohol is cool and it's good and how fun it is and that it's a party, when really it's just not cool at all" said Danielle Thompson.
Thompson is just thirteen years old, and is an avid member of Club Live, a youth based group dedicated to preventing underage drinking. " It's to help kids to stop going near a bad habit, and to help them get over it, and come on to some new good habits" Thompson explained.
The group works directly with merchants in an attempt to rid stores of signs which promote drinking. Once those signs are taken down, they are replaced with clocks, in order to remind others the time has come to stop underage drinking.
Club members hope that the removal of the signs will also remove the desire to drink. " It's one more step to changing kids from drinking and it's helping them" said Thompson. Amber Wilkerson, another member for the club adds " When you take the signs down, it's less temping to go and try to steal or buy alcohol".
More than 60 students volunteer with the club, advocating positive messages through signs, banners and rugs. The new signs will remain in the store for one year, before Club Live revisits with new ideas.


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