Clinic in Nigeria to honor Kristina Chesterman

Apr 9, 2014 6:33 PM

Friends of Kristina Chesterman are keeping her memory alive with some very special plans, which include fulfilling her bucket list. Chesterman wrote down her life's goals before here death at 21 years old. The Chico State Nursing student from Livermore was killed in September, allegedly by a drunk driver as she rode her bicycle home from the library on Nord Avenue. One of her dreams was to provide health care for those who didn't have access in third world countries. Now her friends are bringing her dreams to life. They're raising money for the clinic in a rural area of Nigeria called Ozu Abam. The 'Kristina Chesterman Memorial Clinic' will serve as a sister clinic to the 'Upon This Rock Medical Center,' which provides surgical procedures to patients in the underdeveloped area. Kristina's clinic will provide health care to women and children, as well as services to those suffering diabetes. There will be a fundraising 5k/10k walk and run on Sunday, May 4, at One Mile Recreation Area in Bidwell Park. Friends have also set up a GoFundMe account to help raise money for the clinic.
Click here for information on Live, Laugh, Love, and Run to help build the Kristina Chesterman Memorial Clinic.
Click here for the Kristina Chesterman GoFundMe link.
Click here for the Kristina Chesterman Memorial Foundation link.


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