Climbing guide captures Mt. Shasta rock fall

Dec 9, 2015 6:02 PM by News Staff, Photo: Chris Carr/Shasta Mountain Guides

A large chunk of rock fell down Mt. Shasta Monday and it took a massive amount of snow with it.

Local mountain guide, Chris Carr, was able to snap a photo from Red Banks on Tuesday. The rock fall left a large scar 2,000 feet down Avalanche Gulch.

Fortunately nobody was in the way of this rock fall, but Carr, owner of Shasta Mountain Guides, says this photo was taken just a day after he had to help rescue a lost climber on Mt. Shasta.

Carr hopes his photo will serve as a reminder to the North State’s climbing enthusiasts, “Mt. Shasta is a real alpine climb, with real hazards and risks.”

Anyone planning on climbing Mt. Shasta this winter is encouraged to check the forecast and consult with a local guide before heading out.


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