Classic North State Parades Celebrate the American Spirit

Jul 4, 2013 1:22 PM

There's nothing like a small town parade and when it comes to the Fourth of July, no one does them better than small town USA.

And one of those towns was Los Molinos, a small town in Tehama County that straddles Highway 99. Hundreds of people, many of them out of towners looking for that classic small-town parade, lined the parade route as they kicked off their own Fourth of July festivities.

Parades also took places in other small towns, including Biggs and Oroville in Butte County and Orland in Glenn County.

To pay for Fourth festivities in Los Molinos, the community holds fund-raiser in the form of a Mayoral election. Anyone or anything can run for "office" as long as they are willing to raise some money. One of the candidates this year was a horse named Rock. But the eight-year-old French Percheron did not prevail for the honorary mayor's post.

This year, the candidate who raised the most money was three-year Los Molinos resident Bryan Fox, who also works for Bell-Carter Olives.


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