Civil War comes to life in Anderson

Sep 28, 2014 8:29 PM by Charlene Cheng

The year is 1863.

The bloody war between the states is in full swing, and the Confederacy is marching forward after a triumphant battle against the Union.

"They carried too much food, we carry ammunition. They marched up the hill, they were too tired to put out scouts. We caught them flat-footed, shoved them down the hill, across that river down there. All that food they brought north with them, we just ate it," said Joseph Allison, who's portraying a company commander with the Confederate Army.

The terrain where these battles were fought vary differently from the grounds at the Historic Hawes Farm in Anderson, but members of the Reenactors of the American Civil War are committed to sharing that pivotal time during our nation's history.

"A lot of people know the names and dates and where the battles where they fought, but we represent what it's like to be an enlisted man, to take someone from 2014 and transplanted them back to 1863. What we ate, where we slept, how we marched and drilled and how we interacted unit to unit," Scott Fowler said.

Off of the battlegrounds, while the men and boys are off at war, it's the women's job to take care of all the duties they usually had, as well as what their husbands and sons did.

At this point, news is scarce and the future is still uncertain.

"I can't imagine a world where the federal government will triumph over the people. There's nothing in the constitution that says that we can't secede and have our own country, so i'll have to think that we'll prevail," Allison said.

"Truth be told, we're not very hopeful. Things haven't gone well for the North. So at this point in the war, the issue remains in doubt. I'm afraid, to be honest with you," adds Seamus O'Cooney.


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