City officials call Turtle Bay offer a political scheme

Oct 22, 2014 5:41 PM by News Staff

Redding city officials are calling a $1 million offer for 15 acres of land at Turtle Bay Exploration Park an attempt to disrupt the election process.

On Tuesday night Alan Shufelberger, the president and owner of Redding Roofing Supply, made a $1 million cash offer for the land. Shufleberger's offer comes just 14 days before residents of Redding are set vote on a $600,000 offer to the city for the same land by the McConnell Foundation.

Shufelberger said he's been thinking about purchasing part of Turtle Bay's lot for the last four months. When asked why he waited to make his offer, Shufelberger cited deed restrictions and other issues that had previously been in place, but for the most part have now been addressed.

The proposed sale to the McConnell Foundation is now known as "Measure B" and if it passes McConnell would be given a green light to begin construction on a Sheraton Hotel on the property.

Redding city officials say they don't have any plans to consider the latest offer from Shufelberger, and the proposal will expire at 5 p.m. October 28. The offer will likely expire on its own accord because the City Council is not scheduled to meet again until November 4. At this time no plans have been made to host a special meeting to discuss Shufelberger's offer.


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