City Of Weed Set to Approve New Stop-Gap Water Agreement with Roseburg

Mar 29, 2016 8:56 PM by News Staff

The Weed City Council will consider a final Water Lease Agreement with Roseburg Forest Products at its next public meeting on April 14. The Council previously approved a Memorandum of Agreement to extend the lease for the City's water supply, leading to the final agreement now on the agenda.

The April 14 consideration of the issue could finalize the ten-year lease. Under the terms of the water agreement, the City has agreed to begin an environmental review analysis within the next six months and will the goal of selecting the best long-term option for a water supply within two years.

With the terms of the lease under consideration, Roseburg will lease 1.5 cubic feet per second or cfs to the City, a significant reduction from the current use and the terms of the previous 50 year lease of 2 cfs. The City will otherwise supplement the water supply to meet local need. "This lease is a temporary measure that will assure our citizens that we have sufficient resources to meet their current needs as we seek to either develop or acquire a permanent water source for the future," said Ron Stock, Weed City Administrator.

According to city officials, the current 50-year contract between the City and Roseburg ends in June and there is no alternative viable, cost-effective water source available for immediate use. A new lease is only the first step in the process of developing a long-term water solution for the City.

City officials say the city will also move forward to supplement the water from Roseburg by seeking a $1.5 million in grant funding from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for construction of a pipeline to interconnect the City's north and south water systems.

At present, the City's south water system has a slight excess of water than can help offset the reduction from 2 cfs to 1.5 cfs from Beaughan Springs.


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