City of Redding urges drivers to watch out for deer

Oct 21, 2015 12:50 PM by News Staff

Officials with the City of Redding are reminding drivers to watch out for wildlife on the roads this fall.

Fall weather and the traditional breeding season will cause deer to be more prevalent along North State roadways. Fall is the “rut” or breeding season for deer, causing males to be less wary than usual.

In the Redding area deer are common along North Market Street (south of Lake Boulevard), Highway 273 near Buenaventura Boulevard, Quartz Hill Road near Benton Drive, South Bonnyview Road near the Sacramento River, and Highway 44 east of Redding.

If you do hit a deer, call and Animal Regulation at 530-241-2550 and report the location as accurately as possible. Hitting wildlife is not a crime, but unreported collisions often resulted in animals suffering.


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