City of Redding passes sit-lie ordinance

Apr 8, 2015 8:28 PM

The Redding City Council passed a "sit-lie" ordinance Tuesday night hoping it would clean up the streets.
But Mayor Francie Sullivan voted against the ordinance, saying there are enough rules, but not enough enforcement.

Under this new ordinance, people can no longer hang out on city sidewalks between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. - but the big question is, can it really be enforced?

Sam Allen owns Carousel, a boutique on Yuba Street in Redding.
As soon as she steps outside, she says it's a whole other world.
"The transient population has really exploded down here."
Right down the street from Carousel is "The Hole" -- a hangout place for transients to do drugs and according to Allen -- it's a familiar sight.
"People come here and light up...whether it's a crack pipe or marijuana, I see it every day."
She and other business owners in downtown Redding say they're fed up and ready for some action, but Mayor Francie Sullivan says the sit-lie ordinance isn't the answer -- not when the Redding Police Department is having a tough time enforcing the loitering laws that are already in place.
"There's a shortage of enforcers, not rules. I will wholeheartedly support this ordinance when there are enough officers to enforce it."
The Good News Rescue Mission is launching a new day program and is hopeful the ordinance might get some people off the streets.
"This could be an incentive to get people off the streets who want to break the cycle of poverty."
But it's all wishful thinking, says Allen, and it's going to take time before anyone sees how effective the ordinance could be.
"This town needs hope and if it's the sit-lie ordinance then it's a beginning."

The ordinance doesn't apply to people loitering on private property or sitting on benches - each citation will cost 75 dollars.
The ordinance is expected to go into effect sometime next month.


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