City of Oroville Cracking down on Public Intoxication "Blight"

Jan 12, 2016 12:15 PM by News Staff

The City of Oroville is putting goals of improving public safety and quality of life into action. The Oroville Police Department today announced the results on a recent crackdown against what many might describe as riffraff. With the help of state grant, police officers conducted a High Visibility Enforcement on Friday night, concentrating on loitering and public intoxication. Uniformed Officers contacted several subjects loitering in front of ABC licensed businesses, and arrested four subjects for public intoxication. Business owners were also notified of their responsibility to curb loitering and prevent people from drinking alcoholic beverages on their property. Oroville Police Department officials add that business owners are ultimately responsible to make reasonable efforts to stop these actions and can be held accountable if problems continue. The Oroville Police Department, with the assistance of the California Alcohol Beverage Control is expected to continue to focus on this problem through several more enforcement operations. As one officer put it, "the drinking in public and public intoxication has been a blight on the community and needs to be dealt with."


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