City Of Orland to Stay the Course With Drought Measures

May 17, 2016 9:32 AM by News Staff

The City of Orland has decided to stay the course by continuing last year's water conservation measures.

Even though the city has a whole achieved 31 percent water savings last year compared to its 2013 water usage, the City Council Monday voted to maintain water use regulations passed last year.

"Full reservoirs and good snow pack does not mean we are out of the drought, especially those of use reliant on groundwater resources," said Mayor Bruce Roundy.

Just like last year, Orland residents are allowed to water their lawns between 8 p.m. And 8 a.m. three days per week. Properties north of Highway 32 can irrigate Sundays, Wednesday and Fridays; south of Highway 32, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. No lawn watering is allowed on Mondays.

Meantime, residents must also curb any irrigation within 48 hours of measurable rainfail and fix any water leaks.

City officials estimate that Orland residents saves more than 154 million gallons of water last year when compared to 2013.

The city also reported improvement with its groundwater well levels, but those levels are still below the groundwater levels of 2013.


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