City of Chico To Divy Up 'Red Top' Meter Collections

Feb 2, 2016 7:56 PM by News Staff

A new Chico project aimed at allowing the public to provide a helping hand without "giving a handout" is about to pay out a dividend. The Chico City Council Tuesday night is expected to approve a three-way payout in equal amounts from Red Top Donation Smart Meter project. The project collected $277 during last November and December, the first two months of the program. City staff is recommending that the proceeds be donated equally to the Torres Shelter, the Jesus Center and the Stairways Empowered Living. The money was collected from six Red Top meters in downtown Chico. These meters were donated by IPS Group, which installed new smart parking meters in Chico's downtown last fall. Donors can either put coins in the meter or make a donation with a credit card. IPS pays for all of the maintenance and any transaction fees for these meters. While the Torres Shelter, Jesus Center and Stairways are the recommended beneficiaries for this first payout, the program allows the city to donate Red Top proceeds can be donated to any service providers offering services to the Chico Community, according to a staff report..


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