City of Chico to add bike lane to highly-trafficked road

Dec 4, 2015 4:27 PM by Alyssa Deitsch

As new housing developments continue to sprout in Chico, the city is having a hard time keeping up with infrastructure.

One example is the lack of a bike lane on Eaton Road, a busy street for motorists and bicyclists heading to school.

Pleasant Valley High School sophomore Chris Shackelford described his bike ride to school as "sketchy."

"If there were bike lanes, I think cars would pay attention more and that would be a better thing," said David Leask, another sophomore at Pleasant Valley High School.

But Assistant Principal Renee Spaggiari says that's the problem.

"Kids aren't paying attention when they're driving. Kids aren't paying attention on bikes," Spaggiari said. "It's a scary situation."

The City of Chico is aware of the issue and already has a plan in place.

"With our current financial situation, a lot of the times the (housing) developers are going in first," Chico Public Works Director of Engineering Brendan Ottoboni said, explaining the delay. "So we haven't built the infrastructure."

Ottoboni tells Action News Now, the city plans to use existing safety funds to pay for a widening project to add a bike lane on Eaton Road from Floral to Mariposa Avenues.

Weather permitting, Ottoboni said he would like to see the project complete by spring of 2016.

Spaggiari is relieved to hear there is a plan in place to keep her students out of harm's--and traffic's-- way.

"I can backfill as needed to keep students and parents aware of alternative routes to keep them safe," Spaggiari said. "But to know that it's coming is huge."


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