City of Chico introduces Smart Meters

Aug 19, 2015 10:03 PM

Downtown Chico is getting a little smarter when it comes to parking.
The contract, years in the making, with the san diego based IPS group consists of 450 single space meters and 4 multi space kiosks for the parking lot. The project cost the city $250,000.

The DCBA as well as the City of Chico say they're excited to bring vitality to the downtown area in addition to convenience.

There are phases that will roll out. A pay by phone feature may be added.
The DCBA as well as the city will be tracking the difference these meters make. That will determine what's next.

IPS Group donated 6 red top meters, that will be put in strategic locations, as part of a program called "Make Change Count." Proceeds will benefit Chico's 2 homeless shelters. They say the goal is to discourage pan handling which is a problem downtown.


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