City of Anderson, Peace Officers' Association staring down labor dispute

Jun 3, 2015 3:07 PM by News Staff

With the Anderson Peace Officers' Association searching for a pay increase that will match increased living costs, a labor dispute appears to be on the horizon.

The Peace Officers' Association has teamed up with Teamsters Local 137 to take issue with city management pay raises, while city workers receive little to nothing.

Supporters gathered outside city hall Tuesday night to pass out fliers and spread awareness.

Peace Officers' association president Casey Day says city employees are looking for fairness, not a pay day.

"Nobody's looking to get rich here, we're just trying to keep up with the cost of living here in Shasta County and be able to take care of ourselves and our family."

Day says that in the last eight years, city employees have received just a 1.5 percent raise, while the cost of living has increased by 18 percent.

Members of the peace officers' association say the situation is dire, and they hope the issue can be fully addressed at the next Anderson City Council meeting.


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