City kids get a taste of life on the farm

Jul 8, 2014 7:13 PM by Charlene Cheng

The first thing that kids learn on the farm is that country living involves hard work.

"Here I don't have an Xbox or a TV, and back home I do. Out here, I can feed the animals and stuff like that, but I only have one animal at home and that's my dog," Brooke Fieseler said.

"Here you have to get up and do your chores, like feed the chickens, feed the cows, and everything, and at my home I usually sit down and read a book or something," Peyton Jackson added.

This summer, the Shasta County Farm Bureau teamed up with Redding Recreation to run Farm Camp, where kids get to see firsthand how agriculture plays into their daily lives.

"We have a lot of city kids who have not really been exposed to animals, or farming. I had several kids yesterday where it was their first time on a horse," said Gina Woznica, a recreation coordinator with Redding Recreation.

One of the goals of Farm Camp is to help the kids have a better understanding of where their food comes from, from the farm to their homes.

"The fruits and vegetables come from the produce and the seeds that are planted inside of the ground. Once they're ready they're shipped to a food store and then they're sold and brought home," Trevor Fieseler said.

Farm Camp will continue the next couple of weeks.

While it's too late to sign up for this year, organizers are already planning to hold it again next summer.


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